Our philosophy

Art is undoubtedly very much present in the clothing industry. However, we believe the clothing industry has been poisoned by the status-seeking aspect of life. Instead of buying clothes freely based on our personality and artistic taste, we have been influenced and manipulated into buying highly overpriced clothes as they are simply viewed better and more acceptable. 

Unfortunately, fashion is the easiest way to gain status without doing anything, and clothing companies take advantage of this to maximize profits for the owners and shareholders.

Our clothing brand is very much a response to this. 

We are a conscious company, where our business model is based on us not receiving any profit, as it is instead donated to various causes and organizations every month. Our clothing brand will enable the consumer to gain status using our overpriced clothes, but most importantly, the money will be donated to help better the world.

If you agree with the notion presented and are interested in learning more, please contact us either on our social media or by contact@prycefashion.com :)

Best regards, Pryce Fashion ©